My name is Kaitlin, the gal behind Creating Kaitlin — a commercial food photography and videography business based in Southwest Michigan. I specialize in creative, unique content for food brands with an emphasis on wholesome and ‘better for you’ ingredients. 

In a world that consumes an insane amount of content daily, it’s my mission to create scroll stopping images and videos for your brand that will generate sales and give you a massive return on your investment. It’s a passion of mine to work with brands to understand their story, purpose, and what makes them unique. I love bringing visions to life and watching brands succeed.

So what about me? As a long time lover of both food and photography, this career seemed like the obvious choice! I began this journey in February 2021 and took my business full time in April 2021 with the support of my amazing husband. It’s also a huge plus that I get to work from home and be with my two doggos all day long (they’re cuddled up to me as I type this. A dream). 

Enough about me, let’s talk about you! If you're interested in learning more and working together, click the link below!

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Meet the Founder

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Meet my Fur Babies!



Besides being obsessed with food and photography, I'm equally as obsessed with my doggos. Meet Mia & Millie! Mia is a six year old goofball who is the queen bee of the house. She loves long naps and taking up our entire bed at night. Mille is the spunky younger sis. She's one and is a big ole love bug. She's a ball of sweet energy and loves to snuggle. They're always willing to help out while I'm working, especially if it means they get to clean up the kitchen floor after.

A Few of my Favorite Things!

Exploring fun coffee shops with my husband, Reid.

The Office (your classic millennial, I know!)

I prefer cool, cloudy days over sunshine. Give me all the rain!

Listening to a podcast while on a walk. Obsessed with What We Said right now!

Vacuuming! Ahhh, I love love love vacuuming.

A Few of my Fav Things!

My Core Values

Provide my clients with high quality content that will result in an attractive return on their investment in my services.

Build trust with my clients through open communication and a streamlined client experience.

Looking beyond the present to deliver future value. It's important to create content that isn't only keeping up with the current trends, but also provides long term value for my clients.




If you're looking for a photographer who will tell your unique story in a fun way and capture your vision and values, then you're in the right place. Clink the link below and let's bring your vision to life! 

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