‘Tis the season for all of the shopping, deals, and wishlists! I always love seeing everyone else’s gift guides online so I thought this year I would create my own! I’m going to break it down into three categories: gifts for the food photographer, the homebody (hi, that’s me), and gifts for your significant other! Let’s dive in!

*this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you purchase through them. all opinions are my own and I would never promote anything I don’t use or love!*

for the food photographer

As food photographers, I think it’s safe to say we always have a running list of things we want to buy. It just never ends! Here are some fun, yet very practical items that would be perfect for the food photographer in your life!

under $25

Camera Cleaning Kit, $17 – it’s so important to keep your precious (& probably very expensive) camera as clean as it can be! I love using this kit before almost every shoot, just to ensure the camera body and lens are both free of dust particles.

iPhone Tripod, $17 – I use this tripod to capture all of my behind the scenes content that you see in my Reels and TikToks. It’s nothing too special, but I’ve never had any issues with it and it gets the job done! Can’t ask for more.

Picture Perfect Food by Joanie Simon, $21 – This book by Joanie (@thebiteshot) is one of my favorite books I’ve every read. She is full of wisdom and knowledge. Each chapter is a specific topic that ends with a piece of homework that you can go and apply. There are 52 chapters, so if you wanted to, you could focus on one concept per week for a year. I absolutely love it.

under $50

Gift Cards for Props, $50 – You can never have too many props, but everyone has there own style so it might be hard to buy for. Getting a gift card to places like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Food52, Anthropology, or even Amazon would make a great gift!

Cozy Photography Themed Sweatshirt – Who doesn’t love a sweatshirt as a gift? I love this “can’t talk, I’m editing” one. Here’s one you can personalize if they have a business name. So cute and thoughtful!


A ‘Nifty Fifty’ Lens, $125 – This prime lens is beloved by food photographers all over because it’s a great starter lens at a lower price point. It’s a great lens to have in your collection, so if your food photographer friend doesn’t have this one yet and you have the budget, this would make an awesome gift. Just be sure you’re buying the lens that is compatible with their camera body.

The lens linked above is for canon, I’ll also link the lens for nikon ($197) and sony ($248).

FlexiSpot Standing Desk, $250 – As someone who doesn’t love to sit for very long, especially during the day, this purchase was absolutely vital for my business. I spend so much time on my computer. Whether it’s editing photos, responding to emails, or writing blog posts, I get ANTSY. I love having this desk paired with this next item below.

Walking Pad, $368 – Getting steps in has never been easier with this pad. It’s compact, and goes up to 4 mph. It’s perfect while you’re on your computer working. I love it! I got the white one so it matched my white standing desk. Love a sleek, clean look.

for the homebody

under $25

Wooden Charcuterie Board, $11 – For the homebody who still enjoys entertaining. A fun, over the top charcuterie board is always my go to when friends come over. They’re gorgeous, always a hit, and there’s something for everyone. I also love this round board and this board with cheese knives and compartments!

The Softest, Fluffiest Blanket, $17 – Not to be dramatic, but this blanket is what dreams are made of. Truly. I have two at home, one huge one and one normal sized. You can never go wrong gifting a cozy blanket. Like, you can never have too many!!

Hempz Lotion, $18 – I’m convinced this is the best lotion ever. It’s hydrating and smells incredible.

Barefoot Dreams Fuzzy Socks, $18 – Boujee socks? I’m in.

under $50

3 Pack Crop Camisole (Free People Dupe!), $28 – So I have both the Free People tank and this one from amazon and I have to say they are nearly identical. The amazon dupe is a tad thinner, but I honestly prefer that! They’ve held up really well, too. I love wearing these around the house and I always tuck my sweatshirt under them for that trendy cropped sweatshirt look!

Waffle Robe, $28 – I got this robe as a Christmas gift last year and I wear it after every single shower. It’s held up extremely well, even though it’s thinner, and I love the waffle texture. This isn’t meant to be a cozy robe, it’s more of a post-shower/getting ready robe. Which I love!


Hot Mess Roller by The Skinny Confidential, $69 – Worth every penny. Another thing I use every single day, sometimes multiple times. It depuffs, wakes me up, and the cold feels SO good on the face.

Pair it with her facial oil to really complete the gift.

Kindle Paperwhite, $140 – I thought I was strictly a paperback girl. There’s nothing like turning an actual paper page. Well, I changed my mind. I’m a kindle girl now. Nothing beats getting to read before bed without any lights on. There’s no blue light so it’s not hard on the eyes, and you can adjust the warmth and brightness on the screen. Such a winner for the book lover.

Complete the gift with a protective case.

UGG Mini Boot, $150 – I have a pair of these in gray and I am obsessed. I always have to have shoes on in the house and these are perfect for cooler weather. They’re so cozy and I feel so put together when I’m wearing them? I don’t even know how to describe it but I’m here for it. These slippers are also cute (& very trendy currently)

for your significant other

under $25

Magnetic Phone Car Mount, $14 – It’s so nice having a designated spot in your car for your phone. This is especially helpful if you have maps. Reid’s obsessed with his. Such a simple and practical gift!

Men’s Silicone Wedding Rings, $17 – Reid has a pack of these and now he wears them more than his actual wedding ring. They’re just so comfortable, especially for guys who aren’t used to wearing rings. I love that they come in all different colors based on your vibe!

And for the ladies, here’s a cute pack of silicone rings!

Rechargeable Hand Warmers, $20 – A friend gifted me one of these last year and it’s amazing! It’s great having a hand warmer that I know won’t lose its heat. Anyone could use one of these!

under $50

Thermacell Backpack Mosquito Repellent, $40 – For the person in your life who love to camp or be outdoors, this gift is perfect! It basically creates a protective bubble around you that keeps mosquitos away. Love that.

Indoor Putting Green, $50 – For the golf lover in your life! My husband has one of these and loves it. Now he can practice his putts in the comfort of his own home and be raring to go for the upcoming golf season.

Life is Good Apparel, ~$50 – Life is Good has such cute stuff, and it’s comfy! I love that there’s something for everyone depending on your interests and hobbies. Check out this hiking one, fishing lure, one, or this women’s coffee tee.


Ember Mug, $130 – To keep your coffee or tea as hot as you want it, until the very last drop. I’m getting one of these for Christmas and I cannot wait to slowly sip on my morning coffee and now have to reheat it!!

Brita Filter Water Bottle with Filter Replacements, $53 – An on the go water filter bottle sounds lovely. I have a thing for filtered water, and I know a ton of other do, too. So I feel like you wouldn’t go wrong with this gift.

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